Diocese of Cork, Cloyne & Ross

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral

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The Cathedral Girls Choir

The present choir consists of boy choristers, girl choristers, choral scholars and lay vicars choral (adult male singers). The boy choristers and girl choristers sing separately with the adults.

The girls attend practices as follows:
Monday 6.45p.m. – 8.15p.m.
Friday 6.45p.m. – 7.45p.m.

The girls sing one service on Sunday (including a rehearsal beforehand), either the Choral Eucharist (10.15a.m. – 12.15p.m.) or Choral Evensong (6.00p.m. – 7.45p.m.) This is usually on an alternating basis with a list of dates being given at the beginning of each term.  There are also occasional Feast Days and Holy Week services.  

Regular attendance is essential to maintain a high standard and membership of the choir is undertaken in the awareness of this commitment.

Choir Holidays
The choir does not attend practices or services during July or August, half term holidays and the week after Christmas and the week after Easter.

Overseas Trips

These always contain a ‘fun’ element as well as music making and contribute towards the social aspect of the choir. Recently the choir has sung in several major English Cathedrals, including Ely, Rochester Salisbury and Gloucester. A trip to Exeter Cathedral took place in 2011.  The choir recently sang in St. Mary's Cathedral Limerick and at a special memorial service in the Bons Secours Hospital Chapel in Cork.

Music Scholarship

Singing in a choir such as Saint Fin Barre’s is an excellent musical training and can complement the learning of an instrument as it develops music reading, concentration and aural skills. As part of the training scheme choristers follow the Royal School of Church Music Voice for Life programme.  In order to encourage the choristers to learn an instrument, the Cathedral awards music scholarships to help pay for approved music lessons. These are subject to a satisfactory report from the chorister’s music teacher.

Pocket Money

The choristers receive monthly pocket money and a half-yearly bonus subject to attendance and progress.